Friday, August 29, 2008

TalkLeft is Down Again

I'm not sure why, maybe the 2,600 people who tried to access it in the last hour. We're working on it.

In the meantime, you can comment here as an open thread.

I've got a lot of pictures up on Picasa. Yesterday's photos are here, earlier convention photos are here.

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Brookhaven said...

I hope others bookmarked this page just in case the servers went nuts. :)

I was just visiting other blogs and some of the comments by people identifying as Dems once again shows me just how tone deaf some of us are when it comes to sexism and women in general. For a political party who does have the better ideas, they are in the stone ages when it comes to sexism and women. Not that the Republicans aren't as well but I never expect much from the Republicans. I expect the Dems to know better and understand and not spit out sexism like it was a walk in the park. But, they are no better than the GOP when it comes to sexism and worse because we are supposed to have the better ideas.

Given what happened to HRC this primary season, I am very close to becoming an Independent after over twenty years of being a loyal Dem. And, this will be one of the most painful decisions I will hve made in my life if I change my party status. I can tell you, the continued base sexist remarks I've read once again with the McCain pick of Palin just makes my decision a little bit easier.

I truly hope this crap stops from Dems. Enough!