Saturday, June 15, 2002

Welcome to TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime

TalkLeft is finally going mainstream and creating a blog on its perennially "under construction" chat page. The intent is to create a home for thoughts, as opposed to links, on crime, politics and injustice.

We don't like Attorney General John Ashcroft's May 30 guidelines on warrantless monitoring of conversations (it shouldn't be allowed at all); on the use of confidential informants; on undercover FBI operations; and on crimes in general and RICO (organized crime) and Terrorism in particular.

If you're interested in reading them, you can find direct links on the CrimeLynx Research Page under "US Attorney's Manual and Other Documents"

It has become readily apparent that this Administration is not interested in preserving our rights, only in convincing a fearful public that it is fighting terrorism.

We really like the way the ACLU has jumped on Mr. Ashcroft and the administration since Sept. 11.

We think the FBI has no business engaging in domestic spying. Not after all its past abuses.

It seems like progressive and liberal websites and blogs are sprouting daily. Hopefully it will be in time to cause a major defeat for the Republicans in the 2002 elections.