Wednesday, July 17, 2002

More on Bush's "Operation Tips"

The Washington Post reports on "Operation Tips" today. Our first post on this may have gotten buried in all our Walker Lindh coverage, so here's a bump for Bush's "Operation Tips" and the threat it poses to the Constitution. It will turn a million Americans into volunteer snitches--and more.

"And check out the great Boston Globe editiorial today:

"Ashcroft's informant corps is a vile idea not merely because it violates civil liberties in a narrow legal sense or because it will sabotage genuine efforts to prevent terrorism by overloading law enforcement officials with irrelevant reports about Americans who have nothing to do with terrorists. Operation TIPS should be stopped because it is utterly anti-American. It would give Stalin and the KGB a delayed triumph in the Cold War - in the name of the Bush administration's war against terrorism."

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